Method Information - Target Lists and MDL

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Detection Limits: The listed detection limits apply to samples without matrix interferences and with no canister dilution factor.  Read more about what the different terms for detection limits mean, and ways to help get the detection limits you need for your project.

Read More About Detection Limits

Target Lists: Since many Air Testing Methods do not have published target lists, different laboratories have come up with their own list of compounds.  For example, projects with TO-15 can often have 1 to 100 target compounds.  At EAS we can supply any target list, and if your list is short or matches a "standard" list we can offer you a substantial discount.  We have provided links to many of the common target lists we use, and we are happy to make a custom list for you, regardless of the number of samples you have.

QC Criteria: The QC Criteria for a method is a set of QC parameters that are run with each Daily Analytical Batch, to verify that the instrument and method are "in control" for that day.  Since most Air Testing methods are run in a modified form, EAS has established QC Criteria for each method, which is sometimes different then the published method.  The EAS QC Criteria is similar to the criteria used by most of the prominent air testing laboratories. 

Project Specific QC Criteria: Some Projects have specific QC Criteria that has been established for the project.  EAS can run any project using Project Specific QC Criteria - we just need to have a copy of the criteria at the time me provide the Project Quotation, so we can cost the project accordingly, and more impartantly, be ready to use the criteria when we get the project.

Modified Methods: The methods used by EAS are all modifications of published methods.  This is the industry standard, becasue most of the air testing methods (with the exception of source test methods) were written more as guidance documents, had limited target lists, or were taken from another matrix and modified for use on air samples.  EAS can run any of the methods in the unmodified form if necessary for compliance testing purposes.